What is this about exactly?

In our own words…

“It is impossible to pinpoint the exact moment, or precisely how the idea formed, it kind of just emerged and evolved, but I do remember this:  ‘We have a name, now let’s do this!'”


“I am inspired by courageous women, women who are empowered by stepping up to challenges, who collaborate, side by side, to grow and build.  I saw the opportunity to run this journey as a way of bringing women together to make a positive difference. I believe in “doing small things with great love” and hope that this small group of determined women can be the pebble in the pond and that our ripples will make a difference to other local women.”


“It was the natural beauty of the drive between Blanco and Bedford that called for me to slow down, take a breath and appreciate the magnificence of the Eastern Cape. Our lives are so crammed with “have to do” lists, that the idea of some time out from the everyday demands became increasingly appealing. Perhaps it was that exact feeling of needing to escape the mundane that led to me wondering if we could start something, something special, that mattered, that would make a difference. Something that would take us away from our everyday tasks and challenge me and others in a way that we could replenish ourselves and give to others.”